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  • Daria Vast

3 main reasons why he doesn't marry you

  • He may not be aware of your desire to get married. You may have conveyed the message that you don't want to get married or that you don't value marriage, leading him to believe that you don't want to get married. You may have wanted him to understand how wonderful you are and that he should propose to you, but he may have misinterpreted your message. Additionally, you may have convinced yourself that a formal engagement or marriage certificate is not important and may have downplayed your desire for commitment, leading him to believe that you share his feelings on the matter.

  • He may not see the point in getting married because, in his eyes, you already fulfill all the responsibilities and roles of a wife. You live together, have children, and share a life and finances. However, marriage comes with legal responsibilities and potential division of assets, and the cost of a wedding may not be worth it for him. Additionally, he may not see the need for marriage because you have already met all of his needs without the need for a formal commitment. You may have already discussed this with him and not found a clear answer.

  • The man may not have had the intention of getting married from the start of the relationship. He may have entered into a relationship with you for reasons other than finding true love. For him, being in a relationship with you may be convenient and you serve as a fallback option. He may use excuses such as disappointment in past marriages, feeling that marriage would spoil the relationship, or not wanting to divorce his ex-wife to explain why he doesn't want to get married, but the real reason may be that it's not convenient or beneficial for him. If you were to find out this real reason, you may likely end the relationship.

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