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  • Daria Vast

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Completing Your Online Dating Profile

Many women assume that we struggle to find suitable partners on dating sites solely due to external factors and that we ourselves are not the issue. However, this is not entirely true.

  1. It's common to see ladies describing 99% of the world's population in their dating profile with statements like "Love to travel, hang out with friends, learn new things, enjoy life and good music." However, these interests are universally popular and don't provide much insight into someone's unique personality.

  2. Many women tend to fill their dating profiles with quotes, sayings, and clichés about moonlight, flowers, boats, and life's journey. While these may sound poetic and charming, they don't reveal much about the person behind the profile. In fact, these copy-pasted phrases make every third profile look the same, leaving men puzzled about how to differentiate one woman from another. It's important for women to remember that their profiles should reflect their unique personalities, interests, and values, not just a string of generic phrases.

  3. Passive aggression is not just useless, it's also harmful, especially when it comes to dating profiles. I am against mentioning what you're not looking for in your profile because those who don't fit will still message you anyway, and instead encourages women to put in more effort. However, some women resort to passive aggression by making statements like "size matters," "I laugh without alcohol," or "real men still exist," which only mask their dissatisfaction and criticism with humor and "it's not you." While it may seem like a compliment, it's actually passive-aggressive behavior that can be off-putting to potential matches. It's important, to be honest, and straightforward in your dating profile without resorting to passive aggression.

  4. Active aggression. When women express their dislikes or prejudices in a confrontational manner on their dating profiles. This type of behavior can include statements like "no married men, or traveling from bed to bed", "is everyone here just looking for sex?" or "why are men, such cowards? They run away when they find out I have a son." Such statements can come across as hostile and judgmental, potentially scaring off potential matches. Additionally, when someone says "I don't go on park dates, I'm not 15 years old," it may seem like a harmless preference, but it can still be perceived as arrogant and dismissive. It's important to be mindful of your language and tone in your dating profile, as it can affect how others perceive you.

A woman with a decent profile is one in a hundred! And she instantly stands out. And if she puts up the right photos, men will be fighting over her!

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