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  • Daria Vast

Am I a "Materialistic" person.

In the past, the fear of being viewed as a materialistic person led me to assert my financial independence with potential partners right from the start. This meant not feeling self-conscious about who pays for a date, disregarding their profession or financial status, avoiding expectations for expensive gifts, and even pitching in my own money in various situations. I would make it clear, "See, I'm not after someone wealthy." (It's not like these supposed "wealth-chasers" are hard to spot, right? Do they resemble me?)

Did this approach actually work? Absolutely! In fact, my dates often transformed into penny-pinchers. They would start trying to save money on me from the very first date. I remember a guy who tried to split a 10-dollar bill!

This was, of course, what I "expected". However, I later overcame this foolish fear when I realized what I truly valued. I was finally free from the foolish fear that had been holding me back.

The answer was clear and obvious: YES, I am mercantile. I want my man to pay for me, I enjoy it. I want him to be able to support me, it's my freedom. I want him to allow me to not work just to survive. I love men who can do that. If you stop lying to yourself and pretending to be a good girl, you will understand that you are the same. And most importantly, it's the right thing!

Imagine yourself browsing for a partner in a store for men and suddenly, you come across him on the shelf. The description reads: "Beggar. No money and never will. No gifts, relies on your finances, taunts you for only caring about money. Demands sex, cleaning, cooking, affection, and children but doesn't plan on supporting them. Be honest with yourself, do you really want this guy? No, you deserve better! You want a man who is confident and self-assured, who will take care of you and not constantly ask for money. Beggars aren't wanted or needed by anyone, and that's just fine. It's a natural selection process.

If you dare to make this unusual purchase, be prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. The silver lining is they are unappreciative. Consider this before making the final decision.

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