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  • Daria Vast

Flowers and Self-Worth: How Your Desires Reveal Your True Value

Dear ladies,

Life is fleeting, and you will likely live up to a maximum of 90 years. Realistically, if you take great care of yourself, you might have around 75 to 76 active years after turning 60. However, after 50, you might find it harder to attract the opposite sex, and as you approach 45, you might spend your life with those who don't align with your values.

Imagine you are currently 30 or 35; you have around 15 years of vibrant, active life ahead of you. But let's be honest here, to be lively and attractive in your 60s, you would have to invest significant resources and efforts. Is it worth it?

Here's the thing, if someone doesn't buy you flowers when you value them, question the validity of that relationship. Ask yourself, what are your essential values, and what do you truly desire in life? Life is an exchange, and many settle for relationships that won't fulfill what's essential to them.

Let's face it, after 50, it gets more complicated. You might not receive the emotional support you need, and you could end up occupying someone else's place in those relationships. You'll only continue being unhappy in them. We don't have as much time as we think to be truly happy. After 60, it becomes even more challenging because, at that point, your energy reserves might be low.

Of course, we can point to the exceptional women in their 60s who are active, beautiful, and full of life, but they invest heavily in hormone therapy, daily exercise, proper nutrition, self-care, and a love for life. However, most women after 50 suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and reduced emotional well-being.

My mission is to help women like you learn to love themselves. If you spend your life at 40 or 45 with someone who doesn't buy you flowers when they matter to you, it means you don't value yourself. Let's imagine your next life, where you wake up one day and decide to invest all your resources in self-care, exercise, self-expression, and embracing life fully.

Don't lie to yourself. Your present grows out of your past, and your past shapes your future. The biggest obstacle we all face is self-deception.

So, let's stop the lies, embrace the truth, and live our best lives, starting today!

Remember, you deserve happiness, love, and everything that brings you joy.

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