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  • Daria Vast

Here are 8 signs that he's just not that into you.

The signs that a man is not into you are not always as obvious as they may seem.

Firstly, the reasons for his behavior are not always clear.

Secondly, besides "liking" or "not liking" someone, there are other factors such as "convenience," "it just works for now," or "I haven't found the right one yet," which may make a man appear in your life. We often assume that if a man is calling, it means he's interested, but that's not always the case.

Thirdly, sometimes we can be so attracted to someone that their true feelings for us are not as important. We may replace their lack of real affection with imaginary thoughts like, "he's just too busy, but he definitely loves me." Yeah, right.

Alright, here are the signs that he's just not that into you:

  1. He forgets about you. It could be a week, a year, or even 15 years, and he'll suddenly say, "I always loved you!" Yeah, right, and I bet he skipped lunch and dinner every day just to think about you.

  2. He's not interested in your life, doesn't look for a reason to help, and ignores your requests.

  3. He cries to you about his love for someone else, and you try to revive him, hoping that it will be your turn someday.

  4. He says he's not sure about his feelings or is not ready for a relationship.

  5. He doesn't invite you anywhere and doesn't want to meet up.

  6. He's not interested in having sex with you because of upbringing or timing, which means he's interested, but holding himself back. And he'll say that you're not his type, don't turn him on, and so on.

  7. He cheats on you.

  8. He straight up tells you "I don't love you." He might add "yet" so you won't freak out, but for some reason, you decide to believe that he will love you eventually.

We come up with so many reasons and excuses to delay the moment of truth: I'm wasting my time. They don't love me. And please don't rate yourself as "ugly" just because of this. You don't love everyone who wants to be loved by you. It doesn't make them monsters, and it doesn't make you one either.

Sound familiar? Which of these signs have you seen in your own relationships?

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