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  • Daria Vast

Why Men Disappear from My Life

If you've ever been on a date or used a dating site, you've probably experienced it: the dreaded disappearing act. You hit it off with a guy, have a great first date, or even weeks of messaging, and suddenly, he's gone. No call, no text, no explanation. It's frustrating, confusing, and downright hurtful. So, why do men disappear after a date? Why do they stop writing on dating sites? Why do they disappear after asking a question and receiving an answer?

There can be countless reasons why a man may choose to stop messaging, not call after a date, or alter his decision regarding his attraction towards you after discovering something significant. However, it's important to note that these reasons are specific to him and do not necessarily have anything to do with you.

In my view, the two key reasons why it's crucial to ask yourself why you're bothered by a man's actions, why you become emotionally attached after only a couple of days of messaging, and how you allow yourself to develop feelings and become infatuated with a man after just one date, is because you may not have a clear understanding of his character, his mental state, or his values.

  1. When your dating options are extremely limited, you may see every date and meeting as your only chance for a relationship. This can cause you to feel anxious before meeting someone and even fall in love before really getting to know them. To combat this, some people create a list of potential partners to choose from. This way, if one doesn't work out, they have others to choose from.

  2. Having low self-esteem can cause you to constantly seek sympathy and approval from every man. When you don't find it, you may suffer and seek attention from those who reject you. Falling in love with someone who rejects you is a difficult complex that may stem from childhood.

Your top priority is to avoid falling in love before getting to know the person. Whether a man disappears for any reason, your only reaction should be to move on and find someone else. Don't let yourself dwell on someone you've only talked to, and keep your heart safe from potential destructive relationships.

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