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  • Daria Vast

Women of Adoration.

Can You Resist the Temptation of Love? The Dilemma of Adoration?

Falling in love can be all-consuming, making it difficult to resist the urge to constantly express your love and affection towards your partner. It's natural to want to cling to them, gaze into their eyes, and whisper sweet nothings in their ear at every opportunity. But, despite the intense feelings of love, it's important to remember that relationships are not always sunshine and rainbows. There may be times when you need to put on a facade of composure, but living a life filled with artificial coolness is not sustainable.

Absolutely right! It's not okay to pretend. That's why it's important to BE:

  1. Yourself! A whole person, not just half. Have your own life, interests, aspirations, and goals. Experience a full range of emotions, rather than giving up everything for just one feeling and one person. Remember, they fell in love with you as you are, but then you became clingy, needy, and overly dependent on their attention. What kind of woman is that? That's not the one I chose!

  2. Being independent is key, not just dependable, but truly NON-DEPENDENT. Avoid becoming the clingy partner who exclaims "I'll die without you!", whose grasp you wish to break free from. Instead, strive to be the elusive one who balances their own life, with personal interests, passions and goals. Embrace a full range of emotions, without sacrificing it all for one feeling or person. Remember, they fell in love with the authentic you, not the clingy, restricted, and overbearing version. Don't become the type that's always in their pocket, constantly checking their phone and feeling bored, constantly asking "Why aren't you calling?" Keep some mystery and maintain a life outside of the relationship.

  3. Principled and Worthy! One who doesn't compromise their dignity for love and won't transform from being the queen of your heart to a servant or an on-call girl. One who won't stand for any form of rude behavior or degradation, as that is not love in their eyes.

  4. Self-reliant and self-loving, she values herself more than any man who may come and go in life. Strong and confident, she remains unshaken even when he's not around.

Such women are adored, loved, and everything is done for them. However, women for whom love means intrusion, worship, and dependency are taken advantage of and considered as a given. Don't compromise your identity in your love for HIM; This kind of love transforms a man into a powerful hero but reduces a woman to a submissive, clinging one.

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